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Toyota Sienna Thermostat Location

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When dealing with a tight space, it may be tempting to forgo bathroom décor for the fear of creating clutter (see bathroom design mistake #2). However, we advise against following this urge. Décor items are often the details that can help make your design feel intentional, complete, and personal, rather than a strictly utilitarian space or an afterthought.

The reality is that you don’t need too much décor to pull off a cohesive look. Start by making sure all your textiles—such as towels and floor mats—match. Put a piece or two of wall art on display. Then, if you have any room, consider adding some greenery or candles to your vanity or another flat surface.

Next, go shopping for appropriate storage solutions with your problem areas in mind. Here’s the key: don’t just opt for the cheapest, utilitarian option. Instead, invest in a piece that will do double-duty by adding some aesthetic value, such as the wicker baskets shown above.

When dealing with fixtures, it’s important to remember that while the material you choose for your fixtures is key, the finish may be even more so. Two fixtures that are made of the same body material, yet host different finishes, won’t match.

It’s time to get serious about storage. The first step is figuring out exactly what you need. Go through your routines with your bathroom as-is, and do your best to pinpoint where things begin to break down. Focus on any points where you find yourself getting frustrated with your current layout, or digging through unorganized drawers to find an item you need.

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